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Twilight - Breaking DawnA few days before Bella and Edward's wedding.  Jacob Black has still not returned after running away in the end of Eclipse.


The wedding goes on as planned.  Jacob Black unexpectedly returns at the wedding, and is happy to see Bella again.  However, things go awry when Bella tells him she is going to have a "real honeymoon" with Edward.  Jacob loses control of himself and almost phases into a werewolf. 

However, he is restrained by Seth, Sam and Edward.

Bella and Edward go on their honeymoon as planned, at Isle Esme, an island Carlisle bought and named after Esme.  Things go as planned until Bella learns she is pregnant with Edward's child .  They immediately go back to Forks, as the baby has vampire strength and is threatening Bella's life.  Edward wishes for Carlisle to do an abortion.  However, Bella and Rosalie refuse to let him, though the baby is draining all of Bella's strength.

When Jacob learns that Bella is "sick" at the Cullens' house, he thinks she is undergoing transformation into a vampire.  He is overcome with anger, and runs to the Cullens' house, planning to kill them all.  However, when he learns that Bella is pregnant with Edward's child, he goes back to La Push to tell the other werewolves.  Believing that a vampire child would endanger all humans in the area, the rest of the pack plans to kill Bella and the child.  However, Jacob refuses to let them.  He breaks away from the pack and returns to the Cullens' house, to warn the Cullens and to help protect them.  Leah and Seth Clearwater also break off from Sam's pack to join Jacob's pack.

When Bella's strength is almost completely gone, the Cullens realize that she may need vampire nourishment–blood.  This turns out to help Bella gain back her strength, though the baby's kicks are getting stronger and threaten to break her ribs.

Later, Bella's placenta detaches in an accident, and the Cullens rush her to their makeshift delivery room.  Rosalie leaves her side, unable to stand the smell of blood.  Edward cuts the baby out of Bella's stomach while Jacob performs CPR.  Edward successfully delivers the baby girl, Renesmee (who is half vampire, half human), but Bella is in critical condition with a broken spine and the bleeding wounds from Edward's surgery.  After letting Bella hold Renesmee for a moment, Edward injects his venom directly into her heart and bites her several times as well.  For the next three days, she becomes a vampire.

After Bella becomes a vampire, she goes on her first hunt with Edward.  While hunting, she smells human blood and begins to track it.  However, she stops herself and turns back.  The Cullens realize that she has self-control that no newborn vampire has ever had.  After this, Bella wants to see Renesmee.  Jacob who imprinted on Renesmee, wants to test her before she gets near the baby.  Bella passes the test and gets to hold Renesmee.  While holding her, Bella finds out for the first time that Renesmee can show people her thoughts.

One day, Jacob, Renesmee, and Bella go to hunt in the forest.  They see Irina, from the Denali coven.  Irina came to make peace with the Cullen family for not fighting with them against Victoria.  However, Irina sees Renesmee and thinks she is an "immortal child", a child who was turned into a vampire.  These children are against the Volturi's laws, so Irina goes to tell the Volturi.  Alice sees the Volturi coming to fight and she leaves because she knows that Aro, one of the Volturi, wants her more than anything.  The Cullens spread out to find any vampires that could witness that Renesmee is not an immortal child and that she grows everyday.  Bella asks Edward to teach her how to fight.  In this process she learns that her superpower is being a shield.  This means that she can protect others from other vampire powers.

When the Volturi come, all the vampire witnesses tell them that Renesmee is not an "immortal child." The Volturi leave the Cullens in peace.

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